If you’re a HASS.Agent user, you might’ve noticed the lack of updates lately, where there used to be many. This is due to a series of unfortunate events for me, the lead (and only, so that title was easily earned) developer. While I hoped to have tackled most in January, more have come, and it is now clear that they will consume most of my time until after this summer.

In the meantime, Home Assistant keeps doing what it does; moving fast and breaking things (which is to say, releasing breaking changes). To make sure that HASS.Agent stays current, and even implement new features, I’m looking for help in maintaining the codebase and supporting the community.


I can make time to revision changes and deploy the betas and updates, but I don’t have time to write code. If you’re a C# programmer (or Python for the integration), novice or expert, it’d be extremely appreciated if you could dive in!

The codebase might seem daunting at first, but it’s really easy to understand. I’ve deliberately stayed away from complex patterns as to easily grow and change, and there are pending tickets of all complexities.

You’ll be granted access to the staging repo:

Which is an all-in-one solution for the client, service and library. You’ll also get rights to the ticket dashboard:

So basically, your ticket to stardom lies in front of you!

For more info, consult the development documentation:


Another aspect that can really use your help, are the GitHub tickets. You can be granted rights if you want to, so you’ll be able to close/modify tickets. The users would really appreciate it!


You can contact me through mail (image), in the dev channel of our Discord server or by creating a ticket in the staging repo.


A big thanks to all users for (hopefully) understanding, and foremost for using HASS.Agent! It’s a great project and I enjoyed interacting with all of you, sharing ideas and tips. I’m really looking forward to the moment we can pick that up again 😁

With love,