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DeepL provides AI/ML translation services. They differ from for example Google Translate in that they don’t translate as-is, but also contextually. I’ve been using it a lot for translating from and into French, and it’s truly amazing what they can do. Besides plain text, it’s also possible to translate entire documents, while preserving their layout.

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DeepL offers a Windows app for their translation services, but that client doesn’t support the API, only regular subscriptions. Using the API can be more cost efficient for both the free and pro subscriptions: the free subscription offers 500.000 characters per month, which can be used for both documents and text. The pro subscription charges per character, instead of having to pay a set price monthly regardless of usage.

So, since there isn’t an API client available, I built one that I’d want to use. It even has a feature that DeepL doesn’t yet provide: translating webpages! It uses Firefox’s reading mode engine which not only makes it easier for you to read the translation, but also reduces the amount of characters.

Note: regardless of how it may seem, LAB02 Research is not affiliated with DeepL in any way, and did not get a dime for writing this.


  • Text: translate written text, or just drag and drop a .txt file.

  • Documents: translate a variaty of document types. Supports drag and drop, and has lots of checks to make sure your document will be accepted by DeepL.

  • Webpages: translate any webpage. Extracts the relevant text to reduce the amount of characters and increase the readability.

  • Language detection: all of the above options support automatic source language detection.

  • Hotkey: easily consult the app by pressing your hotkey. If you have text selected, it’ll be conveniently pasted into the source textbox. Select an url and it’ll get translated on the webpage tab right away.

  • Formality: supports setting a different formality (as long as the language supports it).

  • Cost management: tells you how much your text or document will cost in terms of both characters and hard cash. Shows the current state of your subscription.

  • UI: full fledged interface, built to be easy and intuitive to use with as little input as possible. Resides in the system tray.

  • Print or save: print your translations, or store them locally for later reference.

  • Updater: contains an automatic updater that’ll keep your translator up-to-date in the background.


What’s the point of open sourcing your software if you don’t share screenshots ..

Text interface:


Document interface:


Webpage interface:



You’ll be notified of the costs before translating a document:




If a document or webpage translation will exceed your limit, you’ll be notified as well:


Or if you’ve already reached your limit:


Easily check your subscription’s state:



Formality support:


Hides in your system tray, next to the clock:


Credits and Licensing

Thanks to DeepL for providing such a great translation service!

And a big thank you to all other packages:

ByteSize,, Microsoft.Web.WebView2, Newtonsoft.Json, HotkeyListener (and @ruffk’s core version), Serilog, SmartReader, Syncfusion.

Please consult their individual licensing if you plan to use any of their code.

DeepL Translator is released under the MIT license.

LAB02 Research is not in any way affiliated with DeepL, and does not receive any commisions or other payment for developing this application.